Selling wines to us

Are you interested to sell your wines? We are constantly looking to buy fine and rare wines from well maintained private collections. Not every wine can enter the secondary market, this is why we listed a few of the most wanted further below.
The procedure is as simple as this: send us a list of the wines you wish to sell. We will offer you our current purchasing price per bottle. You can use our template to fill in the wines for sell. We are happy to pick up your wines if it is a bigger lot. The payment will be done within three working days by banktransfer or cash upon delivery if required.

Perfect bottle condition is key on the secondary market for fine wines. Unless the condition of imperfect items is described by you, we will assume them to be perfect and estimate your wines accordingly. We do sometimes buy imperfect bottles, depending on wine, provenance etc, but it will effect our buying price. For example a bottle with a top shoulder level will fetch 20% less than a perfect bottle from the same wine.

Bordeaux All top growths in good and exceptional vintages between 1982 and 2012
Burgundy 1ers Crus and Grands Crus from great producers the likes of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Rousseau, Dujac, Leroy, Fourrier, Leflaive, Coche-Dury, Sauzet and others
Rhône Chave, Bonneau, Rayas, Guigal, Jamet, Rostaing and others.
Tuscany Soldera, Masseto, Ornellaia, Tignanello
Piemont Conterno, Giacosa, Bartolo Mascarello, Gaja, Scavino, Vietti
Champagne Vintages wines from Krug, Dom Pérginon, Selosse, Salon und andere.

And: Valentini, Pingus, Vega Sicilia, Grange, Bin707, Opus One, Shafer, Hill of Grace, Harlan, Screaming Eagle, Gantenbein ….

Bottle condition

Please find below a list of imperfections likely to be seen on the fine wine market. Smith&Smith follows strict buying guidelines and your wines will be inspected accordingly upon arrival. The crucial question is wether the bottle could have a good drinking potential or not and the answer is to some degree subjective. We therefore reserve the right to refuse bottles that do not follow up to our guidelines.

1. Label condition

SBL – Slightly bad label: Small scuffs, damp soiled or stained
BL – Bad Label: Badly soiled, stamped or scratched, part of label missing. Normally reject

2. Level/ullage

Fill level in bordeaux bottles

HF oder IN – high fill oder into neck: perfekter Füllstand bis in den Flaschenhals
VTS - Very Top shoulder: am obersten Ende der Flaschenschulter
TS – Top Shoulder: oberes Ende der Flaschenschulter
HS – High Shoulder: hohe Schulter. Ankauf im Ausnahmefall von über 20-jährigen Weinen
MS – Midshoulder: mittlere Schulter, kein Ankauf

Fill level in Burgundy-, Rhône- and Riesling bottles

The fill level will be described as per CM between cork and level. Depending on cork, shape of bottle and producer the gap is between 0.5 to 1.5 cm after bottling. Bottles with 3.5 cm ullage and more are difficult to sell on the market and normally reject by Smith&Smith

3. Condition of capsule

CD – Capsule damaged / slightly damaged: leicht eingerissene oder korrodierte Kapsel
CC – Capsule cut off: an/abgeschnittene Kapsel. not accepted

4. Condition of cork

Protruding - can be a sign of exposure to extreme temperatures
Sunken –can be a sign of defective or easing cork
Leaking / seepage – Flaschen die einen Rinner haben, nicht akzeptierbar
Leaking / seepage – not accepted    

5. Colour

Oxdiysed: dry white wines with a brownish colour or cloudyness. Red wines with orange – to brownish colour. Not accepted.